What is the difference between a sweepstakes and a contest?

Words such as “promotion,” “contest”, “sweepstakes” and “giveaways” are often used interchangeably, but there are distinct differences between them that is worth noting.

  • Promotion is a general term used to describe sweepstakes, contests, instant win programs and loyalty programs, to name a few.
  • ‍Sweepstakes generally refers to promotions that involve an element of chance. Whether in real-time or at the end of some designated period of time, winners of a sweepstakes are randomly selected from a pool of possible winners.
  • Contests generally refer to promotions that are based on some sort of win criteria. In a contest, winners are selected by a judge (real or virtual) according to some set of criteria. A leaderboard is an example of a contest, where the winner is determined based on the final scores achieved by all participants.

 CataBoom’s platform can be used for a variety of promotion types, but really shines for sweepstakes given its inherent ability to select instant winners based on random events or chance.

Can a campaign contain more than one game mechanic?

Within the CataBoom platform, a campaign is associated with a single game mechanic. Given that a given promotion may require multiple game mechanics, CataBoom provides the ability to chain game mechanics together into a single user experience.

This can be accomplished by specifying secondary campaign traffic channels as gateways, and configuring relevant call-to-action states to trigger the appropriate gateway campaign. View our training video for more details.

How do I setup a campaign for multiple languages?

For a variety of reasons, not the least of which is security, CataBoom games are inherently image based. Each game contains a single set of images which are used to render the game during game play. Whenever an image is updated inside a campaign, the very next play includes the updated graphic.

Since there is one set of images per campaign, setting up a promotion for multiple languages involves creating a version of the campaign/game for each language. Using this approach, brands have used CataBoom’s platform to run single promotions that crossed a dozen or more countries and associated languages.

Typically, a single “design” has been created, combined with tailored images specific to each language. Buttons and form data are also tailored to each language. Some brands have elected to utilize a Content: Multi-Exit mechanic to provide a language-specific link menu, while others have relied on language-specific marketing to drive consumers to the appropriate link directly.

What are some of the options available for promoting a campaign?

When it comes to promoting a campaign, we’ve designed the CataBoom platform for flexibility. Games can be launched from any medium that supports sharing a link (URL), including SMS. Other options include social posts, email, QR Code, digital ads, and of course web pages via text or button links. This also means that printed material can also be used by providing a URL, short URL (e.g. bit.ly) and QR Code.