CataBoom's platform helps you launch interactive game mechanics quickly and reward people instantly.

Six simple steps take you from concept to launch.

Use CataBoom’s unique Click & Go platform  to create, modify and launch engaging marketing programs fast. Choose from dozens of customizable features and parameters to tailor your next campaign, and reward your audience in real-time.

Whether you're looking for a self-service platform or needing a complete, turn-key audience engagement solution, CataBoom delivers.


Start by identifying your preferred engagement environment. Our game mechanic framework is fully HTML5 compliant, giving you tons of deployment options.


Select the game mechanic that best fits your needs. From a simple scratch-off to games of skill, CataBoom offers over 60 fully functional game mechanics


Edit a variety of configuration settings using CataBoom's simple to use "Click & Go" platform to completely customize your campaign


Design the overall look and feel of your campaign to meet your needs using familiar tools such as Photoshop. Or have CataBoom create a custom design for you.


Access your campaign through CataBoom's exclusive "Click & Go" dashboard, giving you real-time access to campaign data and configuration settings


Launch your new campaign, simply schedule it to go live at a specified date and time, and begin engaging your audience in a fun yet effective way.

We did the heavy lifting for you.

We have over 60 instant-reveal game mechanic variations available and more being developed all the time. Each of our game mechanics are fully functional and ready to use immediately, without coding or development.

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Fully functional games tailored to your audience and brand.

Choose from a variety of different game types, and even connect multiple game mechanics together to create entirely unique user experiences.

Instant win

The instant reveal  game reveals an instant win result without user interaction.  The game can be designed for instant win or sweeps entry.

Scratch off

A variety of scratch off game styles are available, including single-scratch and multi-scratch options including lottery-style variations.

Skill game

Games of skill include a variety of Strike, Pop, Throw and Puzzle games. With both 2D and 3D options available, these games are always a hit.


The mechanic can be used like a quiz, trivia or polling engine. All click behaviors are stored for analytics.

Slot machine

The slot game offers customizable icons placed on 3 reels. Clicking on the spin button starts the spin, ultimately revealing a win or loss message associated with the prize win level.


Several spinner variations are available, including a single and triple spinner. This game remains a favorite among brands and fans.


A variety of game configurations are available, including single or multiple questions, and two or three response options. Right and wrong responses can be treated differently.

Content reveal

Skipping game interactivity, this mechanic provides a Video/Audio player and a group of customizable Call-to-Action exit buttons.

Tailor your campaign to fit your needs.

CataBoom has taken the time and expense out of traditional custom development, enabling you to focus on the purpose, design and promotion of your campaign.

Custom forms

With our form designer, you can tailor data collection forms to meet your requirements, including custom pre-play modal forms and tailored post-play fulfillment forms per prize level.

Email integration

Instantly reward your audience for their participation and engagement through digital fulfillment. Our built in email solution can deliver digital gift codes, unique links and custom pins across multiple prize levels.

Variable prize options

Prizes levels can be configured as guaranteed "timed" prizes or chance-to-win "odds-based" prizes. We also supports secure delivery of digital content such as streamed video as a reward type.

API integration

We've designed our API's for fast and efficient integration with 3rd party systems, including loyalty platforms, game engines and custom applications. We can also tailor an API to meet specific needs.