Quick Play: Zip In Press and Reveal Kiosk

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This mechanic provides a fast and fun way to collect visitor info and give quick win results. Specially sized for large screens, it is the perfect engagement tool for lobby or on-site promotions. A pop up, the size of the game space, opens to exit.

  • Game board: 1080x1080
  • Tapped Icon: 540x540
  • Pop-up Icon: 512x512
Reveal Mechanics Options:
  • Zip in: Icon is swallowed and reveals result.
Completion Control Options:
  • Random Win Level: 10 random win levels reveal time or odd-based prizes.

To create a campaign of this type:
Login to the CataBoom admin panel, and choose "Create New Campaign", then:
  • Enter the name and URL slug that you wish to use for your new camapaign"
  • Game Category = Quick Play
  • Select Game = Quick Play Kiosk Zip In: Random Win Level
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