Random Puzzle 3x3

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Skinned Examples

Battlefield V
Life is Strange 2
STEM DNA Challenge

Game chooses a random puzzle from 11 loaded into the system. Image is broken into 9 pieces which players have 30 seconds to assemble.

  • Game space: 640x480
  • Source Matching graphic: 282x282
  • Automatically generated pieces: 94x94
Completion Control Options:
  • Multi-Exits: Exit level based on number of pieces put in.
  • Score: Win exit if puzzle is completed in 30 seconds or less.
  • Random Win Level: 10 random win levels reveal time or odd-based prizes.

To create a campaign of this type:
Login to the CataBoom admin panel, and choose "Create New Campaign", then:
  • Enter the name and URL slug that you wish to use for your new camapaign"
  • Game Category = Skill (Score) or Skill (Multi-Exit) or Skill (Win Level)
  • Select Game = Random Puzzles 3x3: Score or Random Puzzles 3x3: Multi-Exit or Random Puzzle 3x3: Win Level
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