Throw Distance

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Points are awarded to players’ throws by the first bounce distance. More points are awarded the farther the object goes and is provided with feedback. Players must accumulate as many points they can in 30 seconds.

  • Game space: 512x512 square
  • Throwable object: 66x66
Completion Control Options:
  • Score: Win or loss is revealed if 3 or more points are scored.
  • Win Level: Random win result is revealed, independent of score achieved.
  • Multi-Exit: Exit level based on score achieved.
To create a campaign of this type:
Login to the CataBoom admin panel, and choose "Create New Campaign", then:
  • Enter the name and URL slug that you wish to use for your new camapaign"
  • Game Category = Skill (Score) or Skill (Multi-Exit) or Skill (Win Level)
  • Select Game = Throw Distance: Score or Throw Distance: Multi-Exit or Throw Distance: Win Level
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