Triple Wheel Spin 512: 10 Win Levels

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Triple Wheel Spin: 4 Win Levels

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Players press the outer wheel to start the first spinning wheel which will automatically stop and start the next set of spinning wheels. A small arrow cue drops to the final result position at the last center wheel where prize will be determined.

  • Game Space: 512x512 square
Completion Control Options:
  • Random Win level: 10 levels (10 wins, 2 loss) reveal time or odd-based prizes.
To create a campaign of this type:
Login to the CataBoom admin panel, and choose "Create New Campaign", then:
  • Enter the name and URL slug that you wish to use for your new camapaign"
  • Game Category = Spin Wheel
  • Select Game = Triple Wheel Spin 512: Random Win Level (0-10)
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