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CataBoom™ is a simple concept. We drive your company's desired behaviors for mobile, online and social by giving your target audience a powerful incentive to “Download my app!”, “Share this video!”, “Play our game longer!”, “Register on our site!” or “Follow us on Twitter!”.

You get the gist of it...Motivation + Action = Results!

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Guaranteed & Insured Prizes to
Influence Desired behaviors.

Who We Are

We feel your pain. We know your struggles. So we did something about it. We found some of the brightest folks in marketing (that's how we talk in Texas) and we created a marketing/technology solution to make every mobile app, game release, online marketing campaign or social media play a success. Sounds simple enough? It really is!

Born from the minds at SCA Promotions, (SCA has been doing this since 1986), CataBoom combines fresh thinking with years of promotional prize coverage experience.

What We Do

CataBoom provides the incentive allowing you to give your target audience a chance to win really cool prizes! Examples of behaviors to motivate include:

Download an app Watch/listen to content
Play a game Like or Follow
Play/use longer Increase traffic
Share content Revisit
Register Post content

We will work with you to structure a prize pool that is the right combination of guaranteed and insured prizes to motivate behavior. And with the Prize SDK, you can quickly integrate in no time and offer a chance to win up to $2 million per campaign for pennies on the dollar on what it will cost to pay the actual prize.

Who We Do It For

Here is a peek at a few of our clients:

Increased customer acquisition to 61% take rate across their network of gaming sites.

Increase YooLotto App downloads by offering a chance to win $10,000 across 400 Texas 7-Eleven stores.

Increased Facebook likes for a client by 100% in one week.


For Developers


Our REST API can facilitate adding sweepstakes or instant win functionality to a new or existing mobile, online or social application. It is tied to our Random Number Generator (RNG) which includes a layer of proprietary security to enable a chance to win up to $2 million dollars (or equivalent prize) per campaign. In addition our REST API can offer guaranteed prizes securely.

SDK Tools

The Prize SDK tools streamline promotional incentives for mobile, online and social outlets and allows for quick implementation. It contains sample code for iOS, Android and PHP platforms. It also allows access to reporting and campaign management tools, as well as documentation on all the supported development languages. And need a game mechanic? We have a team that can help.


Access your dashboard to manage your campaign results. Just log in anytime.

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For Marketers

It's all about making the biggest impact and the best ROI. That's where we come in.

We Make It Simple:

CataBoom allows you to quickly add an incentive to maximize the success of any online, social or mobile campaign or solution. We give your tech team easy tools, and we have already handled all the legal. It’s that simple.

Make Us Part of Your Team:

Yes, we have created some great technology to ensure your success. But we can do even more! Our team of seasoned marketing experts can support your team from concept to completion.


Our Partners

Hey, we are first to admit that we can't always do it alone. That's why it's always
good to have friends...Talented friends.

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