About cataboom

Full-service & full-featured without the hefty price tag.

Founded nearly a decade ago, CataBoom is one of the early pioneers in gamification.

Our founders come from marketing, sales, and technology backgrounds with a deep understanding of the challenges associated with brand engagement and impact metrics.  We built CataBoom with the goal of empowering anyone to catapult their digital marketing campaigns.

CataBoom’s innovation and market leadership didn’t happen overnight – it took vision, competency, commitment, creativity, execution, and the constant pursuit of excellence over time. Today, we are armed with the most effective and efficient gamification and rewards platform in existence.

Leveraging the feedback from Fortune 100 customers for almost a decade, our gamified marketing campaigns can be integrated into any digital or physical touchpoint a company requires.

Our SaaS-based gamification and rewards platform is designed to be self-service and full-feature, serving a gap in the market. Where other gamification companies are either self-service but lack features or offer full-feature but with a long, complex design schedule, CataBoom customers have choices to best suit their needs. We offer full-feature, full-service gamification without the price tag and long design timelines.

But launching engagement experiences with ease and efficiency is only half the battle. The ultimate question is, “What’s the impact of these experiences...what’s the Boom?” We don’t answer that question in terms of flowery adjectives and ambiguous marketing rhetoric, we measure performance in terms of specific, tangible engagement metrics.

Don’t just take our word for it.  Some of the most well-known brands have experienced gamification using CataBoom and the results speak for themselves.

Rules of Play

At CataBoom, we’re passionate about helping clients gamify marketing campaigns and engage their customers. We stand by these values:


Greater together

Sense of Purpose

Doing personally meaningful work that benefits others


If you say it, do it with honesty and authenticity


Be the change-leader, not the imitator

Sense of Humor

Life is short; have fun

Serve Customers

Crazy dedication to service and delighting customers