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CataBoom’s gamification platform lets you quickly and easily deploy on-brand, gamified campaigns while zeroing in on the engagement metrics that matter most. Easy to build and customize—no coding required!

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Marketing organizations are resource constrained, budget conscious, and charged with innovation. Whether you’re focused on business to consumer (B2C), business to business (B2B) or business to employee (B2E), the CataBoom platform can help build and launch impactful campaigns to reach and engage these audiences. Design it yourself or tap into one of CataBoom’s launch experts. The platform enables any group within an organization to quickly and easily create compelling, on-brand engagement experiences to engage and reward literally any desired behavior.

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Our software as a service (SaaS) gamification platform allows any brand to quickly gamify a full-featured marketing campaign WITHOUT a full-service price tag. Choose from more than 200 (and growing) combinable templates in our game vault for an unlimited number of digital experiences. Our platform uses industry standard HTML5/JavaScript/CSS, so you can take aim, load and launch to any web-enabled device.


Lock in your desired experience

Set Metrics

Establish Digital Touchpoints

Define Personalized Data Sets

Determine Rewards

Specify Reward Fulfillment

Design Brand Creative Assets


Load and configure your game(s)

Choose from a Game + Mechanic Vault

Upload Brand Assets

Load Prize and Reward Engine

Configure data collection and play control

Activate fulfillment channels


Launch your gamified experience

Activate your digital game or set of games

Attach to digital channel of choice

Advertise your campaign

Update in real-time as needed

Report your results

Measure ROI

Experience the Difference.


We’re all about customizing every element of the platform’s graphics and overall presentation to represent your brand perfectly.


It’s in your hands. Use your team or agency to create and manage your game. Or let our CataBoom experts handle creative, duration, play control, rewards, data collection, and more!


Our infinite number of no-code templates make it easier than ever to design and launch complex campaigns with customized rewards in just a few hours!


Interact with your audience at any touchpoint across the sales funnel or omni-channel experience.  Create campaigns that interact with your audience on the web, in applications or across virtually any digital experience.

Unlock the Game Mechanic Vault

Trigger call-to-action events, rewards, gameplay and audience feedback with our interactive Game and Mechanic Templates. These can be used independently or connected in sequence for an on-brand, tailored user experience.

Games + Mechanics for every campaign


Require a score or specific result

Easy Match
Strict Match
Throw Guarded
Throw Stationary


Content rich challenges used for learning, teaching, training, testing and preference gathering

Easy Match
Strict Match
Poll / Survey
Memory Recall


Deliver a random outcome

Instant Win
Scratch off
Full Wheel
Half Wheel
Slot Machine
Half-Dial Spin
Triple Wheel
Quick play
Full-Dial Spin
Quick play Object


Frameworks used to collect data and extend loyalty

Registration Form
Prize Engine
Collect & Win
Fulfillment Form
Fulfillment Email
Requested URL
PIN Codes
Requested Play
Dynamic Tokens