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More than just a game

Today’s consumers are conditioned to engage with games. We close rings, we level up, we earn badges. Gamification has become an integral part of brand acquisition and loyalty.

But it’s about more than just the game; it’s about impactful marketing. The CataBoom platform will help you build loyalty, increase engagement, and acquire new customers quickly and inexpensively.

Your brand. Your budget.
Your needs.

Our gamification platform is adaptable to your varying needs. From full-feature design to easy-to-use templates, we offer the industry’s most robust gaming platform without a hefty price tag.

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Add some Boom to your results

Here's just a few ways we've increased activation, motivation, and engagement of our clients' target audiences.

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increase in social engagement


increase in email click-through-rate


increase in redemption rates


increase in web traffic and return rates


improvement in survey completions


decrease in acquisition costs

The CataBoom gamification platform has been used to create over 250 million engagement experiences by some of the largest and most respected brands in the world.

Powerful, Intuitive, Rewarding

Our gamification platform couldn't be easier to design and deploy.

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Lock in your game experience.

Hundreds of templates. Mere hours to execute. Simply select your game experience and upload your brand assets - no coding required!

Load your settings.

We designed our gamification platform so that you can create digital experiences that can be combined in unlimited ways. Our prize engine allows you to incentivize and reward your target audience - on time and on budget.

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Collection of brand logos and tech-themed graphic elements, including the CataBoom, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram logos.

Launch for success!

An on-the-move audience demands multiple touch points. Create your game once; deploy everywhere to drive participation, engagement and loyalty anywhere the Internet is available.


Awareness & Engagement

COVID affected attendance and delayed movie releases. Cinemark used social media to launch a 24-hour game that lived on their website. Everyone had a chance to win a Croods watch party at their local Cinemark, plus 1,000 prizes to drive consumber buzz.

Largest Box Office Share

for Croods opening weekend.

49K Plays in 24 hours

results that typically take two weeks.

52% Site Traffic Increase

results that typically take two weeks.

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Holiday Express Collect & Win

Taking a ride on a “Yeti Railroad '' with four interactive stops, Shoe Carnival’s game engaged new and existing customers





Increased Sales

Increased Sales

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Player Return

To improve daily player return rates to their recently launched Wheel of Fortune game, Game Show Network (GSN) integrated a Scratch and Win game into their app.

30% increase

30% increase in daily return traffic

80% Return Rate

80% scratcher return rate

Sponsor Funded

Sponsor funded

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Engagement & Awareness

Bottoms up! To celebrate Dewar’s Scratched Cask launch, Cataboom provided a scratch game card to celebrate the scratching and charring process utilized in making the scotch.


Game play redemptions


Happy customers


Customer engagement

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Awareness, Co-Marketing & Ticket Sales

Cinemark offered a collect and win, co-marketing challenge prompting players to get all six “Jumaji” characters in a time-based reward series of games.


2X More Ticket Sales

4.5 Min

4.5 Min Average Game Play


Happy customers

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Brand Awareness & Sponsorship

T-Mobile deploys bi-weekly, in-app games for “T-Mobile Tuesdays” with different brand partners.

50% Engagement

50% Subscribers Engage

95k Plays

95k Plays Per Minute at Peak

3X Traffic

to Sponsor’s Website

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Customer & Employee Engagement

What’s more rewarding than a travel-themed slot machine that pays off big? Both travelers and employees who checked into Best Western’s app played this CataBoom game for loyalty point prizes ranging from 250 points up to the grand prize of 150,000 points.


2X normal engagement

BW rewards activations


Happy customers

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