Accelerate acquisition, reward engagement and build loyalty through instant and consistent gratification of rewards.

Find out how top brands are leveraging CataBoom's unique, fast and easy to deploy gamification platform to reward  customer and employee behaviors that deliver significant business results.

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Drive community engagement and accelerate acquisition in new and creative ways.
At CataBoom, it's an everyday thing.

Dell Alienware in-screen examples

We designed our platform to ensure 100% brand and message relevance. Whether you need a B2B, B2C or B2E solution, CataBoom delivers.

In-screen examples from Dell Alienware promotion featuring Intel products

CataBoom delivers results. We enable consistent and instant gratification that direct and change behavior.

In-screen PepsiCo promotion examples related to the movie Hidden Figures

CataBoom helps brands build loyalty by rewarding consumer behavior through gamification.

Examples from The Runner digital television promotion using CataBoom engagement mechanics

CataBoom is helping shape the future of consumer engagement.

Example from CataBoom engagement mechanics used within a blockchain application showcased with Intel with partner vAtomic at NRF

Build branded campaigns.

CataBoom provides over 200 fully-functional game and reveal mechanics across 18 different categories, ranging from simple digital scratch-off cards to engaging, skill-based games. Each mechanic can be completely skinned and configured to match your brand, voice, style and design.

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Example showing a combination of CataBoom campaign administration panels and the resulting live campaigns
Because CataBoom's platform generates HTML5-based engagement campaigns, launching from any channel or touchpoint is possible, whether digital or physical

Target any touchpoint.

CataBoom's platform creates HTML5 responsive game and reveal mechanics that work across any device and any customer touchpoint. Whether your campaign is hosted online, shared on social, promoted via email, distributed in print, displayed on a kiosk, or any combination of the above, CataBoom's unique platform can help your brand stand out from the crowd.

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Maximize reward value.

CataBoom supports both time-based and odds-based prizes, so you can easily manage fixed prize budgets. Whether you're rewarding consumers with a unique experience, exclusive digital content, digital gift cards, physical prizes, or large “covered” prizes, CataBoom's platform makes it simple.

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Whether you have a fixed or flexible prize pool, CataBoom's platform supports a combination of timed and/or odds based rewards for real-time awarding to participants
CataBoom's unique platform provides a series of building blocks enabling you to design and tailor campaigns that meet your unique requirements

Create unique experiences.

Leverage CataBoom's exclusive gateway feature to seamlessly integrate multiple mechanics together to create entirely unique user experiences.

Need to collect consumer data along the way? No problem - just activate a tailored form using our dynamic form builder. Want to send unique emails to winners based on prize? That's simple, too.

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Designed to scale and fit any need.

Whether you're running a 6-month, multi-faceted campaign or a simple two-day promotion, CataBoom's flexible platform and pricing model makes it easy and affordable.

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Real results with valuable insights.

Our clients have seen dramatic increases in desired behaviors using CataBoom's unique platform. We provide rich data with actionable insights to help you connect with your audience.

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