Loyalty Amplification
with CataBoom

Imagine your loyalty program as a cupcake. It's a tasty treat, but can it be even more delightful? That's where the frosting of gamification comes in! It adds a layer of fun, challenge, and engagement, making your loyalty program truly irresistible to customers.

CataBoom's Catapult platform allows you to seamlessly integrate gamified experiences into your existing loyalty program to amplify customer engagement. Think of it as a piping bag overflowing with creative ways to: 

Acquire New Members

Catapult helps you fold in engaging challenges and rewards, making your program the sweetest deal on the block. New customers will be eager to join the party!

Drive Repeat Sales

Gamification can add a layer of excitement to every purchase, encouraging members to come back for more.

Increase Repeat Visits & Time Spent

Gamified experiences grab your customers’ attention and incentivize them to spend more time exploring and engaging with your brand.

Inspire Brand Advocacy

Turn loyal members into brand champions with exciting engagement between purchases. And watch them spread the word about your delicious loyalty program!

Engaged Lapsed Members

Reignite the spark with gamified reactivation campaigns. Fun challenges and exclusive rewards can tempt lapsed members to come back for another bite.

Motivate Point Earn or Point Burn

Gamification transforms earning and redeeming points into an exciting adventure. Members will be eager to collect bonus points, complete quests, and unlock exclusive rewards.

Here's how leading brands are amplifying their loyalty programs with CataBoom's Catapult:

Add the delicious frosting of gamification with CataBoom's Catapult.
With 9 customizable modules, 200+ game mechanic options, and easy-to-use creative templates, CataBoom's Catapult platform lets you create on-brand, cost-effective gamification experiences that will leave your loyalty members wanting more . Check out more use cases from CataBoom.

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T-Mobile Tuesday



Whataburger’s “Score More” Collect & Win game engaged loyalty members with daily ‘grab bag’ scratch offs within the Whataburger loyalty app.

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Ruby Tuesday

Taco Bell Coin Drop

instant win & loyalty

Taco Bell’s launched a custom digital version of their iconic early 2000s Coin Drop countertop game with the help of CataBoom’s Catapult platform.

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Cinemark - Marvel

T-Mobile Tuesdays


T-Mobile deploys bi-weekly, in-app games for “T-Mobile Tuesdays” through a variety of games with their brand partners where each brand partner benefits.

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Cinemark - Marvel

Michaels Rewards

Promotion & Sales

Michaels Rewards Appreciation Days harnessed the power of CataBoom’s MatchIt and SwipeIt game mechanics to drive acquisition and engagement.

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Cinemark - Marvel

Dell - Alienware

collect & win

Dell’s Alienware brand sought to create an experience that would engage its consumers every week through the clever use of gamifcation.

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