[Podcast] Loyalty360 Live: Gamification for Loyalty Amplification


In this interview Aaron Lobliner, Chief Client Officer at CataBoom, sits down with Loyalty360's Mark
Johnson, to delve into CataBoom's innovative Catapult platform and unpacks the latest trends in
gamifying customer experiences. Touching on innovative game development strategies, competitive
spirit, and personal reflections on life philosophy, this podcast will equip you with the insights and tools
to amplify your loyalty program and build lasting customer relationships.

Key Takeaways:
- Gamification in loyalty programs enhances customer engagement through fun and interactive
digital experiences.
- Personalized experiences and distinct loyalty engagements connect with consumers on rational
and emotional levels, enhancing brand loyalty.

Deep Dive

Aaron Lobliner, a seasoned loyalty program expert, spent 14 years driving growth and success at
PrizeLogic and now brings his expertise in shopper marketing, promotions, and loyalty programs to
CataBoom. His vision? Elevate CataBoom's Catapult gamification platform to help differentiate programs
in the crowded customer loyalty space. Aaron emphasizes how gamification can create truly engaging
experiences that foster emotional connections with brands. He explains how well-designed game
mechanics can incentivize participation and foster a valuable exchange between brands and consumers.
By employing innovative game experiences brands can capture consumer attention and drive
meaningful interactions to effectively amplify loyalty program participation.