5 Best Practices for Successful Sweepstakes Campaigns


Everyone loves the thrill of winning, and that's exactly why marketers use sweepstakes to ignite customer engagement and build brand loyalty. The chance to snag an exciting prize motivates people to interact with your brand in meaningful ways, fostering positive associations and long-lasting connections.

Sweepstakes stand out from other giveaways through their simplicity and the element of luck involved. Plus, sweepstakes have a low barrier to entry that encourages broader participation and engagement, driving valuable results.

But what differentiates them from other giveaways? Let’s define their unique potential, and explore compelling sweepstakes marketing examples that use different action plans to get the desired results!!

What Are Sweepstakes?  

Sweepstakes are often associated with contests or lotteries, so it’s important to understand how these are different.


Contests are similar to sweepstakes because people enter them with the chance of winning a prize. But, contests are based on other criteria like a talent, skill, or ability. A contest is won by an intentional selection, like judges voting on the best performer.


In a lottery, players make a purchase to participate in the chance of winning a prize, and in some cases, the value of the prize can be linked to the number of people who have bought their entry. For example, a state lottery involves people buying lottery tickets, and the longer the event continues without a winner, the more people continue buying tickets as the prize grows in kind.


A sweepstakes often doesn’t require a purchase or a special talent to enter, although depending on your objective, they can be linked to a purchase or specific consumer action for entry.

There are regulations surrounding every kind of sweepstakes event resulting in a prize, including regulations that require rules defining when people have to enter, when a prize is announced, exactly what people can win, and to state that no purchase or fee is required. 

It’s important to note: If a sweepstakes requires a purchase, then there must be an alternative method for entry available that does not require a purchase.

How Do Sweepstakes Work to Achieve Marketing Objectives?

It’s exciting to have a chance at winning a prize, but what’s the value of a sweepstakes in marketing? There are several reasons a sweepstakes might be just the campaign boost you’re looking for.

Piques Customer Interest and Promotes Brand Awareness

Sweepstakes can be tied directly into important events, familiar brands, favored products, and more. When you link your products to the excitement of a chance to win a prize, it raises your brand’s priority in the public’s mind. Promotes Products

This may seem like a no-brainer, but giving away your best-selling product as a sweepstakes prize is a great way to tell the world about your best offerings.

Drives Conversions and Generates Leads

Your sweepstakes come bundled with numerous added benefits. The obvious boost is the power of public attention in winning a prize. But every entry provides customizable metrics that give you powerful data to guide future events and sales and even help you design your next products in the best way.

Captures Useful Data

Every individual who enters a sweepstakes can provide you with valuable data. Whether it’s just an email or you ask them to fill out a questionnaire, your event is a perfect opportunity to learn about your target audience and perfect future promotions.

5 Sweepstakes Marketing Best Practices

A successful sweepstakes campaign can accomplish several different marketing goals. Prizes can be as diverse as the industries that launch them. But having something to give away isn’t a guarantee of success. The following are five of the most important best practices to use for a thriving sweepstakes event.

1. Use Eye-Catching and Exciting Visuals

Visuals represent your brand's character, culture, sights, and sounds. Put them to use to bring your campaign to life.

2. Give Away Great Prizes

All the great promotions in the world won’t build traction and give a lift to your campaign results without a great prize to give away. It can be a product, a service, and even a rare experience or opportunity. But a great prize is the secret ingredient to a winning campaign.

3. Plan the Timing of Your Sweepstakes

They say timing is everything, and they wouldn’t be wrong. Sweepstakes get the best results when you consider how you present every element to your audience.

You can think of each step in a sweepstakes timeline as its own promotional campaign. Plan how you want to captivate your audience when first announcing the event. Be clear about when they must complete specific actions and when they can expect exciting results about who won.

4. Use the Power of Social Media

Social media platforms are where everyone shares their interests with friends, family, and strangers with similar interests. Make sure your most present and reachable audiences are fully in the loop from start to finish.

5. Forge Strong Partnerships

Just like building traction with organic shares from your target audience, there’s a lot of power in numbers. In this case, you get much more interest when spreading your reach wider. Seek out partners to join in your sweepstakes events so they can share with their followers as well. The more brands promoting an event, the more you can benefit from their email lists and metrics.

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