CataBoom’s Catapult Gamification Platform Integrations Unlock Deeper Customer Engagement

CataBoom, the leading provider of gamification, promotions, and prizing solutions, is excited to announce enhanced capabilities for its Catapult platform. API integrations and new webhooks feature empower businesses to seamlessly connect Catapult with a wider range of loyalty platforms and marketing tools, creating a unified and impactful user journey through gamification. 

Deeper Engagement Through API Capabilities

CataBoom is proud to partner with industry leading loyalty companies Capillary, SessionM/Mastercard, Persuade and CrowdTwist through customized APIs. These latest integrations enable CataBoom’s Catapult platform to support member lookup, member registration, and allocation of offers and points through unique gamified experiences that are highly personalized to help drive more meaningful and fun engagement with their clients’ most loyal customers.

In addition to the latest partner integrations, Catapult now boasts seamless integration with popular marketing and customer experience tools:

Enhanced Flexibility and Control

These integrations, coupled with Catapult's powerful webhooks, enable businesses to:

"We are committed to empowering businesses to create truly engaging and personalized experiences for their customers.” says Wally, Schlaegel, CataBoom’s Head of Commercialization. “These latest APIs and new webhooks feature provide unprecedented flexibility and control, allowing businesses to leverage the full potential of gamification, inspiring desired customer behaviors with fun to achieve tangible results.”

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