New Game Launch: Differ by CataBoom, Inspired by Spot the Difference

Differ is CataBoom’s all-new take on the classic spot-the-difference game. This amusing and interactive experience allows brands to display images stacked or side-by-side.

Consumers spot the differences with a tap or click and are rewarded with points while they try to beat the clock. The gameplay ends when all the differences are discovered (or time runs out), with messaging or incentives based on how successful a player’s eye for detail can be.

Like all 200+ games in the CataBoom Catapult platform, this adaptable game is fully customizable with graphics, fonts, and colors unique to your brand/campaign. Choose your image to match any topic of interest, and watch your engagement grow! The fifth of a series of new innovative games arriving in 2023, Differ might be the perfect way to differentiate your marketing efforts!

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