NEW GAME LAUNCH: DropIn, CataBoom’s Answer to Plinko!

We are excited to share our latest game launch, DropIn, CataBoom’s answer to the classic game of Plinko! Our flexible mechanic features a bouncing object whizzing through a series of pegs. A fast, fun, and suspenseful way to reward win/loss results, this game can be tailored to any campaign with fully customizable copy, creative, and design!

Like all CataBoom games, DropIn can be skinned for any industry—retail, hospitality, travel, food and beverage, finance—the sky’s the limit! Pick your image background, overlay text, text color, peg color, and more to make the mechanics perfectly branded for your campaign.

And with the interactive DropIn, the user can drop it like it’s hot, configuring the ball to spin (or not), bounce high (or low), and even decide where it will land on the prizing table. With ten win and one loss positions, results are determined by the prize table configuration to support both timed and odds-based prizes. Contact us to learn more or set up your new DropIn campaign today!

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