NEW GAME LAUNCH: WordFury—CataBoom’s Version of Wordle!

We CataBoomed the popular daily word game with our all-new WordFury! Inspired by the hit game Wordle, Word Fury is different because of the creative options it gives marketers, including the ability to implement any word (or non-word) they wish in this flexible mechanic.

Brands can customize WordFury to include favorite words, brand names—any letter combination at any character length they prefer. Words don’t need to be the same length and can be configured based on a time/date schedule, which gives every brand unprecedented flexibility. As with every CataBoom game, mechanics can be fully branded and skinned. Guesses and on/off directions are also customizable in this win/lose mechanic.

Plus—unlike Wordle—WordFury seamlessly connects to our prizing engine, so that players can be rewarded with instant win chances, sweeps entries, offers or content. What are you waiting for? Time to get (Word) Furious!

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