CataBoom’s Engagement and Gamification Platform was Designed to Address Your Biggest Marketing and Sales Challenges

Results Driven

Results Driven

The ultimate challenge of B2C, B2B and B2E marketing campaigns is driving amplified, quantifiable, on-brand engagement results with a positive return on investment. The CataBoom platform enables any group within an organization to quickly and easily create compelling, on-brand engagement experiences that can engage and reward literally any desired behavior.

  • Conversion Rates
  • Brand Advocacy
  • Social Media Activation
  • Average Order Value
  • Click Through Rates
  • Web Site Visits
  • Brand Awareness
  • Long Term Customer Value
  • Page Views
  • Product Awareness
  • Survey Redemption Rates
  • Video Content Comprehension
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The Platform Approach

CataBoom’s Engagement and Gamification Platform is a software as a service (SaaS) that enables marketers to create, configure, and launch digital engagement campaigns faster and at a lower cost than traditional methods requiring extensive software development.  With a growing library of over 200 plus base templates spanning 21 categories there is something for every engagement experience.  Our platform leverages industry standard HTML5/JavaScript/CSS, making distribution to any web-enabled device possible.  If you can dream it, you can launch it.


Visualize your ideal experience.
  • Engagement Objectives
  • Data Collection
  • Type of Interactions
  • Rewarding Options
  • Fulfillment Options
  • And more...
Unlimited Possibilities

Assemble and Configure.
  • Mechanic Choices
  • Form Design
  • Brand Creative
  • Number of Plays
  • Reward Distribution
  • Email Design
  • Duration Setup
  • And more...
Full Design Control

Deploy to your target audience.
  • Channel of Choice
  • Data Acquistion
  • Play Tracking
  • Rewarding
  • Real-time Updates
  • Results Reporting
  • And more...
Audience Engagement

The CataBoom Difference

You seek to create memorable and engaging experiences.  Only CataBoom’s Engagement and Gamification Platform offers a value proposition and feature set that universally amplifies the awareness, buying behaviors and advocacy objectives of your marketing, sales, and corporate initiatives.

The platform is founded under 7 key principles.

The CataBoom Difference

There is nothing more important than your brand, that is why every element of our platform’s graphics and overall presentation can be uniquely branded for every experience. CataBoom also offers a broad range of engagement and gamification experiences that fit the stringent requirements of any brand.

You are in complete control.  Use your team, your agency or CataBoom resources to build and launch engagement experiences in hours.  CataBoom’s reward engine allows you to determine the exact value of rewards you desire to allocate to an engagement campaign and the number of rewards allocated to incentivize any specific behavior.

With an almost infinite number of predesigned template combinations, simple to complex experiences with customized rewards can be designed and launched within hours.  Fully-functional mechanic templates enable anyone to set up campaigns – no coding or development experience is required.

The flexibility to interact with your audience at any touchpoint across the sales funnel or omni-channel experience.  Create experiences that interact with your audience in websites, iFrames, emails, social posts, in-app Web Views, videos, printed URLs, QR codes, mobile apps, SMS’s, Wi-Fi beacons and augmented reality applications.  Engagement experiences can be easily customized for any duration, including recurring deployments, seasonal promotions, weekly campaigns or one-day events.

80% of consumers are likely to interact with a brand if incentivized.  Your approach, budget and offers are unique to you.  CataBoom’s platform has the most extensive offer-and-distribution engine in the industry, designed to accommodate all your incentive requirements including timed, odds, pooled prizes and digital fulfillment in any combination.  The deployment of incentives can easily be structured to reward any behavior you are trying to encourage.

Your consumers, initiatives and your budgets change on a regular basis.  With the CataBoom platform, experiences can easily be updated, changed, or even connected to continually keep your engagement experiences fresh and relevant for your audience.

The last thing you want to worry about is highly successful engagements that drive high volumes of traffic.  CataBoom’s cloud-based design is both flexible and scalable, allowing the platform to handle millions of experiences each day.
CataBoom Mechanics

CataBoom Mechanics

CataBoom game mechanics are the primary interactive components of the engagement experience that trigger call-to-action events and provide feedback on participant accomplishments. Our mechanics can be used independently or connected in sequence to implement an on-brand, tailored user experience. The use cases are endless.  

Experience Categories and Mechanics include:

SKILL: Require a score or specific result
Images are broken into pieces and scattered. Players have to place the pieces on target spots.
Images are broken into pieces and scattered.  Players have to assemble the puzzle using the pieces.
Players throw an object at a stationary hoop to accumulate points.
Players toss an object at a moving target to earn as many points as possible,
Throw Guarded
Players toss an object at a stationary target with a moving guard icon blocking the target, to earn as many points as possible.
A classic arcade style game with icons entering from different points on the screen. Players get points when icons are tapped.
Burrow Bust
Players get points when icons pop up in various places and are tapped before they disappear.
Pop & Grab
Floating icons on the game space are clicked by players for point accumulation or instant win.
Tap to answer quizzes ranging from 1 to 10 questions with timed and untimed responses.
A player draggable icon to avoid targets. Target icons drop and enter from various areas of the screen.
A player draggable icon to catch targets for points. Target icons enter from various areas of the screen.
Memory Recall
A series of icons flash in a series and the player tries to repeat the series in the exact order.
RETENTION: Content rich challenges used for learning, teaching, training, testing and preference gathering
A video/audio player that triggers call-to-action exit buttons based on a percentage of video watched.
Images are broken into pieces and scattered.  Players have to assemble the puzzle using the pieces.
Images are broken into pieces and scattered. Players have to place the pieces on target spots.
Tap to answer quizzes ranging from 1 to 10 questions with timed and untimed responses.
Memory Recall
A series of icons flash in a series and the player tries to repeat the series in the exact order.
Tap to answer polls and surveys ranging from 1 to 10 questions,
CHANCE: Deliver a random outcome
Instant Win
Reveals an instant win result without user interaction. Commonly used for instant win or sweeps entry promotions.
Scratch Off
Players press and “scratch” an area of the game to reveal a result.
Slot Machine
Slot style game with spinning reels. Reels spin and stop to show a win or loss message.
Dial Spin
A semi-circle or full circle game with a needle that spins like an odometer. Needle spins and lands on a win or loss message.
A full or half wheel with stop points.  Once pressed, the entire wheel spins, revealing a win or loss message.
Triple Wheel
Three interconnected full wheels. Once pressed, the outer wheel starts spinning, revealing a win or loss message.
Quick Play
A series of games designed for high branding but minimal interaction.  
Quick Play Object
A series of games designed to look like objects. Ranging from boxes to truck tailgates.  
UTILITIES: Frameworks used to collect data and extend loyalty
Registration Form
A fully customizable registration/pre-play form builder.  Add and replace any type and/or number of fields.  
Fulfillment Form
A fully customizable fulfillment/post-play form builder. Use connected to a mechanic or independent.
Fulfillment Email
Trigger emails post-play.  Fully customized emails for every win level. Personalize with form information.
PIN Codes
Store any variation or number of pin codes required for entry prior to game play.
Prize Engine
A robust and configurable prize and distribution engine. Includes timed, odds, pooled and any variation of the three.
Collect & Win
Fully customizable collect & win board.  Trigger pieces from other mechanics or connect an API to existing platforms.  
A take on the football squares game.   Attach any mechanic and randomly assign squares.
Landing Pages
A series of content based mechanics used for menus and landing pages.
Direct URLs
URL deployment for general marking and wide audience distribution.
Website URLs
Unique URLs used for embedding into existing websites, apps or other system..
Dynamic URLs
Unique set of URLs use for large scale distribution with lower play reates such as email and ads.
A series of icons flash in a series and the player tries to repeat the series in the exact order.

Tailor your campaign to fit your needs.

Your experience designs are unique.  We know you need to engage your audience with brand-right messaging and graphics, collect consumer information, control reward distribution and integrate into key systems that fit your requirements.  That is why CataBoom’s engagement and gamification platform goes beyond the mechanic and provides special control in the following areas:

Custom forms

With our extensive form designer, you can tailor data collection forms to meet your requirements, including both custom pre-play modal forms and post-play fulfillment forms, tailored per prize level.

Email integration

Instantly reward your audience for their participation and engagement through digital fulfillment. Our built-in email solution can deliver digital gift codes, unique links and custom pins across multiple prize levels.

Variable prize options

Prizes levels can be configured as guaranteed "timed" prizes or chance-to-win "odds-based" prizes. We also support secure delivery of digital content such as streamed video as a reward type.

API integration

We've designed easy to deploy API's for fast and efficient integration with 3rd party systems, including loyalty platforms, game engines and custom applications. We can also tailor an API to meet unique or specific requirements.

We did the heavy lifting for you.

We have over 200 instant-reveal game mechanic variations available and more being developed all the time. Each of our game mechanics are fully functional and ready to use immediately, without coding or development.

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