Up Next Podcast: Gamification & CataBoom’s Platform


New technology can cause seismic shifts in the media industry, and the Up Next Podcast is where you can hear all about this subject in depth.

Host Gabriella Mirabelli recently spoke to CataBoom’s award-winning head of enterprise accounts, Margee Hocking. Margee was happy to share how gamification can level up marketing campaigns of all sizes and budgets by indulging everyone’s innate desire for play!

Both cost-effective and flexible, CataBoom games are a marketing solution that allows you to reach customers at every stage of the marketing funnel—no ads or paid media needed. Discover how interactive gamification platforms like CataBoom can create behavior, drive retention, and solve pain points for B2B,B2E and B2C businesses.

Use our SaaS gamification platform to create your own game or have CataBoom plug and play a custom gamification experience for your marketing campaign. Tune in today to the podcast and learn more about gamification in the news and what CataBoom’s platform can do for you!