How to Improve New Hire Onboarding with Gamification


Used for everything from sales generation to elevating the employee experience, gamification is an increasingly effective tool that uplifts the traditional recruitment and onboarding process.

Anyone who has been in the corporate world for more than a couple of years has had a less-than-stellar onboarding experience. Remember how you felt sitting through dull PowerPoint slide shows, long presentations of company history or a seemingly endless building tour? Things like building tours and company meet-and-greets are also no longer compatible with the new remote/hybrid landscape. Today’s fresh hires need far more flexibility in the past.

When traditional onboarding requires time from the HR team, the hire, their manager, and other employees, the result may be rushed meetings or meetings that don’t include all the needed parties. And drab presentations or lengthy Q&A sessions tend to cram in too much detail in far too short of a time frame. This can result in confusion with little-to-no retained information. It’s no wonder new hires frequently exit a traditional onboarding with more questions than answers. Gamification to the rescue!

How Gamification Solves the Problem

New hire onboarding gamification is a solution that can help a myriad of businesses with this issue. Automatically compatible for remote work, gamification can be completed anywhere, at any time. New hires simply log on to the platform at a moment that’s convenient for them. This helps them complete their training incrementally and stay autonomous throughout.

Gamification features like achievements, badges, and other milestone markers also make employees more engaged from the very start—up to 48% more engaged than through a traditional onboarding experience! And gamification keeps expectations very clear. New hires discover precisely what they’re going to learn and how that knowledge applies to their work.

P.S., there are also several benefits your employees, especially in HR, can enjoy by adding gamification to your business processes:

Ways to Gamify New Hire Onboarding

Onboarding can be more fun for everyone involved with real-life rewards and incentives. As new hires make their way through materials, companies can celebrate task completions with swag, free lunch, a gift card, or an actual trophy. Or keep your rewards within your gamification platform via virtual badges that can be displayed to the entire team. These conditions can be customized in any way you desire, so hires can gain one badge for completing onboarding in under or a week, another for training for a lengthier time frame.

Adding levels is an exciting way for managers to track progress as employees make their way through the onboarding materials. This methodology can also help new hires establish actionable goals. For example, if your business implements a learning management system, each module can count for a new level. Once an employee completes “Level 5,” they’re onboarded and done!

Information recall games can help determine how well new hires retain information. Quizzes and judgment panels can be challenging for an employee with test anxiety, yet visual-based recall games such as picture-matching games are much easier for information retention. This makes sense, as studies show about 65% of the population are visual learners.

Onboarding should be an opportunity to revel in the new energy and talent a new hire is bringing to the team. Why not augment this excitement with gamification in onboarding? Schedule a demo with CataBoom, and we’ll help you craft a unique and valuable experience for every new employee.

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