Astanza Lasers

Consumer Engagement


To promote the B2B company Astanza Lazer's innovative tattoo removal technology, CataBoom developed a festive Scratch Off game aligned with the holiday season. Players could remove ink off the arm of a cartoon reindeer, revealing whether they were "naughty" or "nice" (aka prize winning) in the process. Nearly 10,000 players took a turn to see if they won rewards ranging from a free webinar to laser machine battery charges and Amazon gift cards.

Components of Game

Scratch Card
Data Collection
Redemption Email
Instant Win Engine

Campaign Results



Increased sales from game engagement



2X the normal campaign engagement

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T-Mobile Tuesday

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T-Mobile deploys bi-weekly, in-app games for “T-Mobile Tuesdays” with different brand partners. Each brand partner benefits from the play impressions and provides the prizing for that game play.

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Alaska Airlines solidified their reputation for care in the air with an interactive game and quiz on their blog channel. Created via self-service with CataBoom's consulting, this Covid-centric campaign's ROI paid for the platform's cost for the year, awarding players with next-level surprises along the way!

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