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Meet CataBoom, your gamification experts changing the way brands approach promotions, loyalty, and prizing.

Loaded cheeseburger with text saying "Your chance to win burgers fresh from the grill".

More than just a game

Today’s consumers are conditioned to engage with games. We close rings, we level up, we earn badges. Gamification has become an integral part of brand acquisition and loyalty strategy. But it’s more than just a game; it’s about impactful marketing.

With our Catapult Platform, CataBoom will help you deliver a powerful, behavior-changing gamified experience to increase engagement, build loyalty and acquire new customers.

The industry’s leading gamification, promotions and prizing platform

Meet Catapult - our gamification, promotions and prizing platform that powers campaigns for 50+ brands around the world.  From full feature design to easy-to-use templates,  Catapult offers the flexibility for you to create gamified experiences like sweepstakes and instant wins quickly and without a hefty price tag. 

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Add some Boom to your results

Here's just a few ways we've increased activation, motivation, and engagement of our clients' target audiences.

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increase in social engagement


increase in email click-through-rate


increase in redemption rates


increase in web traffic and return rates


improvement in survey completions


decrease in acquisition costs

The CataBoom gamification platform has been used to create over 250 million engagement experiences by some of the largest and most respected brands in the world.

Powerful, Intuitive, Rewarding

With a seamless interface for set-up, design and deployment, our Catapult Platform makes it easy to integrate gamification into your promotion campaigns. 

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Lock in your game experience.

200+ game templates and mechanics. Mere hours to execute. Simply select your game experience and upload your brand assets - no coding required!

Load your settings.

CataBoom’s Catapult gamification platform is designed so you can create digital gamification experiences that can be combined in unlimited ways. Our prize engine allows you to incentivize and reward your target audience - on time and on budget.

Two CataBoom gamification design platform windows open and overlapping featuring a demo for Restaurant burgers.
Collection of brand logos and tech-themed graphic elements, including the CataBoom, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram logos.

Launch for success!

An on-the-move audience demands multiple touch points. Create your game once; deploy everywhere to drive participation, engagement and loyalty anywhere the Internet is available.


T-Mobile Tuesday



Whataburger’s “Score More” Collect & Win game engaged loyalty members with daily ‘grab bag’ scratch offs within the Whataburger loyalty app.

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Ruby Tuesday

Taco Bell Coin Drop

instant win & loyalty

Taco Bell’s launched a custom digital version of their iconic early 2000s Coin Drop countertop game with the help of CataBoom’s Catapult platform.

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Cinemark - Marvel

T-Mobile Tuesdays


T-Mobile deploys bi-weekly, in-app games for “T-Mobile Tuesdays” through a variety of games with their brand partners where each brand partner benefits.

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Cinemark - Marvel

Michaels Rewards

Promotion & Sales

Michaels Rewards Appreciation Days harnessed the power of CataBoom’s MatchIt and SwipeIt game mechanics to drive acquisition and engagement.

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Cinemark - Marvel

Dell - Alienware

collect & win

Dell’s Alienware brand sought to create an experience that would engage its consumers every week through the clever use of gamifcation.

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